Summertime catch-up

Diana Crialesi spruces up her shop for summer on

Rome’s Diana Crialesi (Archidee) has uploaded photos of her latest summer polymer jewelry.

She was so engrossed with making work, shooting tutorials and teaching that she fell behind in stocking her online store. Now she’s caught up and has added photos of the backlog to her shop and Instagram.

One look at her YouTube channel and you’ll understand what distracted her.

In the video, Diana assembles this bright piece (skip ahead to 11:00) with its t-bar closure and square opening on a turquoise silk cord. Simple and summery.

Floating around the hemispheres


Techniques float in the wind currents around the globe, don’t they? Donna Kato posted this Natalia hemisphere necklace on her Facebook page in mid-February – well before PCDaily caught onto the flat disk craze.

But then Donna claims that she was just giving her African twist to Natalia Garcia de Leaniz’ design from a while back. PCD followed with this post and then this one.

Though we don’t know exactly how the fad started, you can see that decorating the edges of flat disks has become a popular fashion trend this season.


Donna finished her piece by adding a clever clasp. The flat disk has a groove cut in its edge. A rubber buna cord circle slips into the groove. “It works really well, the clasp doesn’t turn and it’s comfy, plus it’s the right scale!  I was very pleased with that – had to think a while about the mechanics but then it all came together,” says Donna. More sample designs on her Facebook page.

Aharoni’s hearts toggle

This polymer clay heart toggle clasp comes from Valerie Aharoni. Her blog and flickr site are full of new concepts and experiments.

On her blog you can see the results of her tranfers made using ink jet prints on baking parchment paper. A bit of a buzz is growing about this process. The ink pooled when I tried it with my Epson but other printers seem to have had better luck.

Here are previous posts (1, 2, 3) we did about Valerie’s innovative designs.