Friday love letter

Solly's polymer and copper heart bracelet
Ketzel's flowered hearts
Sobrepena's winged polymer hearts
Dittmar's My Guy with heart

We haven’t done any polymer hearts this week and there are plenty to share. The bracelet is copper and clay cold-connected by Sharon Solly. The flower-embellished versions are from Randee Ketzel. Angeli Sobrepena‘s┬áhave wings. And one of Meredith Dittmar’s newest My Guys looks poised for romance and mischief.

A Friday love letter comes from Irene Hoiles in the UK by way of Helen Cox. Irene made the polymer covered letters for her youngest granddaughter.

Hoiles polymer love letters

Irene said, “I have been confined to bed for most of December following two lots of spinal surgery which is very frustrating with the craft room next door, but web sites like polymer clay daily saved my sanity.” What a nice valentine! Have a lovely weekend.

Hankerin’ for polymer hearts

Brady, Segal, Holden, Unknown, Friesen polymer clay hearts

Need another dose of romance, polymer style? The faux tooled leather is from Marlene Brady. That’s Marie Segal’s “I Heart You” note to husband Howard. A very modern Tina Holden pierces hers.

The flowered heart was so frilly and happy that I scooped it into my heart folder in big hurry and didn’t identify the artist. It’s Dominique Lavigueur’s!

Tejae Floyde's encased polymer hearts

Christi Friesen’s watercolor-meets-punk version showed up on her new Etsy site.

You simply must visit Tejae Floyde’s Flickr site to get the full heart experience. Her encased hearts with hidden messages are full of mystery and surprise.

Lehocky’s giving heart

It’s the season for giving and Ron Lehocky’s polymer clay work reminds us of what a commitment to giving can accomplish.

As of September 30, Ron reached his goal of 10,000 polymer pins made to support the Louisville Cerebral Palsy KIDS Center. He met his goal in four years, a year ahead of schedule. This year Ron was awarded a prestigious Bell Award for his volunteer work and community involvement.

Since he still has lots of clay, he’s moved the goal to twice the original and he’s already at 11,250 with over $100,000 raised for his cause. Ron has acquired impressive skills as he built his stockpile of hearts and he can quickly demo any technique or trick that you can imagine.

May the joys of giving surround you. Wishing you all the happiest of holidays!