Lo-cal polymer

Kilgast on PCDaily

France’s Stephanie Kilgast places tiny polymer chocolate pralines into a 3/4″ heart box for part of her valentine’s offering. Light on calories and heavy on charm.

Stephanie’s miniatures can be found on her Etsy shop and Facebook. On her blog she reveals her latest creations, miniature coral reefs that she transforms into jewelry.

Kilgast on PCDaily

This new art, she says, makes her happy. What a pleasure to have these small reminders of important times and places. Stephanie shares some free tutorials on her site.

A little Halloween

Rohal on PCDaily

C. Rohal brings you a tiny bit of Halloween in polymer. Yes, that’s a dime next to the flying witch and there are many more small delights on the ArtisticSpirit Etsy site.

But there’s little information about C. Rohal. Anyone know more about this miniaturist?

There’s big enjoyment to be found in his/her gallery and be sure to check out the sold items because the Halloween items have moved quickly.

Dearly departed polymer

Bewilder and Pine on PCDaily

You’ll find yourself chuckling at these miniature gravestones from Nicholas and Sofie (Bewilder & Pine). These 4-inch tall stones are engraved with clever names and aged with cracks and moss. Dearly Departed decorations are perfect for Halloween tables. The couple create enchanting polymer HO-scale views of the world. Here they are on Flickr.

Craftcast on PCDaily

Free online party

Alison Lee from Craftcast throws great online parties and her free I Love Tools webinar is always a hit with prizes and giveaways galore. Come party with us on Wednesday, October 16 at 8:00 EST

Proceeds this time go to the Nepali Samunnat project whose ladies have donated some of their art to the event. Read all about the festivities on Craftcast and see who will be there. Sign up to see the latest gadgets and maybe even win some.

Mischievous polymer

Ryan MacLeod is a self-taught polymer sculptor who sets his dragons down in the midst of the most unlikely and mischievous predicaments – from candy store to steampunk. His ornate miniature polymer piano was irrestible. American-born Ryan now lives in India with his wife and family.

His friendly dragons, like this recent Fire Dragon, will charm and delight you with his antics. This is a good way to warm up to the goblins and dark creatures that will be visiting PCD soon in honor of Halloween.

MacLeod on PCDaily

Perhaps the easiest way to appreciate all Ryan’s dense and complex creations is on Pinterest. You may also catch up with him on his website and on Facebook.

Susan Lomuto (Daily Art Muse) sent this link along. See what mischief she’s been up to with her new MAM and sample a free issue here.

Polymer salad

Guile on PCDaily

About this time of year, we’re wishing the courgettes/zucchini piling up in our kitchens were the size of Vicky Guile’s polymer miniature versions. This UK artist’s veggies are only an inch long.

Guile on PCDaily

Vicky’s bowl of artichoke, aubergines, cauliflower and red onions looks fresh from the garden.

Those of us who started out making miniatures with our kids have a special fondness and admiration for those who can fool our eyes at 1:12 scale. See more on Facebook (NJD Miniatures).

Tiny mandalas

Inga Rosenberg (Kni.Kni) from Latvia has a thing for elephants. She set herself a challenge to create one polymer mandala elephant each month this year. While they are lovely, what’s even more astounding is their size. They’re each 1 1/2 inch by 1 inch (3×4 cm) and here’s the picture to prove it. This was her mini-mandala for March.

Imagine the patience it takes to create at this scale. “I got my peace back,” she says of her effort, “The peace I get while making each of them is indescribable.” Last month’s Chocolate Cake with Cherries elephant is mouthwateringly lacy and beautiful. You’ll have to see the whole herd to appreciate Inga’s skill.

More Elephants

Inga’s tiny elephants transport me right back to Nepal (here’s a photo from our trip) and the latest posts from the Samunnat ladies who are busy buying cement and building supplies for their new home which is becoming a reality because of your generosity. Your contributions of cash and karma mean that they will have a safe place to call their own.

Your heart will melt when you read what this means to them. Samunnat beads are for sale on KazuriWest and their jewelry is sold through their Etsy shop.

Polymer miniatures are big

Kilgast on PCDaily

That’s what Stephanie Kilgast discovered. She was mobbed by miniaturists in Hong Kong at her press conference there a few months back. Her sushi platter brooches and earrings sell quickly. Catch the pictures and the news video.

Stephanie was born in Germany, lives in France and travels the globe showing her miniatures. She studied architecture but shortly before graduation she discovered polymer miniatures. After graduation she became a full-time miniaturist. That was in 2009.

Her mini-Easter eggs and chocolate bunny fit our week perfectly. You’ll find a bunch of Stephanie’s free tutorials on her site. She’s also on CraftArtEdu, CDHM.org, Flickr and in all the usual places. It’s best to look when you’re not hungry! Thanks to Donna Kato for the link.

Heartfelt polymer

Just a few days after the big holiday season and already the hearts are popping up for the next celebration. Tejae Floyde is in her element and this year’s line includes a polymer heart with a love-me/love-me-not indicator. See the video for her Spinner Hearts.

And in the “awwww” category, Melissa McCarthy shows off this 2-inch tall miniature love tree that’s topped with a heart. Her Etsy shop is appropriately titled Made with Clay and Love.

More to come in the heart department!

Potted polymer

Toronto’s Afsaneh Tajvidi designs lovely delicate jewelry and sells her jewel-tone watercolors and prints on Etsy. Every once in a while she gets the urge to play with polymer – usually when she’s inspired by her window sill succulent garden or has a request for a cake topper.

Afi rediscovered a stash of tiny flower pots that she had collected and started making a new miniature cactus collection in colors that delight the eye. Is it the gelato colors that make them so mouthwatering?

Here’s her polymer collection on Flickr, her Facebook page, her Etsy site (with a feature on Afi) and her blog.

Polymer housing

Housing starts are on the rise, at least in the polymer world. Two new ones – Inessa (smfactory) from Kiev with her Halloween houses and Slovenia’s Marjana Cajhen collections of buildings got me house hunting. You may remember a few others featured on PCD:

These nostalgic and stylized designs make popular wearable and decorative reminders of simpler times and places.

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