Cavender emerges with moss

Cavender's moss-covered sticks and pods

Kim Cavender has emerged from hibernation covered in moss! After several months of quiet, she’s added some new work that includes faux moss clinging to her polymer sticks and stones.

Cavender's polymer rocks 2010

My polymer pebble mentor, Kim has expanded her forest finds to include nuts, vines and pods that she’ll be teaching at the Ohio retreat this weekend. (Let’s hope the snow stops.)

Kim’s rocks are beauties. Take a look at her new ones.

Set in stone – Tinapple’s faux pebbles

These polymer clay tab and slot faux pebble beads are a new design for me. In fact, they’re a first effort and I’ve been test driving them to make sure the pebbles aren’t too delicate for wearing in real life. They’ve passed the test nicely.

In the upcoming online class at Craftcast with Alison Lee I’ve promised to tell everything I know about polymer pebble making. That sent me back to the studio to figure out just what I do know. Uncomfortable situations often provide the spark I need for creative solutions.

This is my newest trick and I can see using for lots of non-pebble applications as well. Join me and Alison on December 2.

My faux slate sleight of hand

As a way to get myself off the computer and into the studio more, I’ve decided to post about my own work every week or so (blush, blush). Hence my Friday faux slate switchplates.

A local woman’s expensive kitchen renovation with slate backsplash fell flat because first things that caught your eye were the generic switchplates. She read about my faux stone and we decided to give it a try. All six plates are different colors and configurations. You can read more about how I made them here.