Serendipitous Monday

Tammy Durham illustration in polymer clay

You’ll need a big cup of coffee to sip while you follow today’s links. Polymer illustrator Tammy Durham emailed me her latest densely decorated, Klimt-inspired piece and a link to her updated web site.

Coincidentally Jay King sent a link to Smashing Magazine’s extensive collection of beautiful plasticine (and polymer) artworks. Tammy Durham’s work is in the collection and you’ll find several others familiar to you. Charlotte Oh (see her teen blogger here) works in sculpey and is new to our list of illustrators.

Charlotte Oh's teen blogger

You can blame fate for the time you blow looking at animations and illustrations from around the world. These novel and often humorous ads, posters and illustrations provide great inspiration for a Monday. Enjoy!

  • reply Jeannie ,

    This brings such joy to my Monday morning. Thanks

    • reply Beverlyjane ,

      I Sent Tammy an e-mail about a young man trying to collect pictures of one million giraffes. Her portrait of animals would be lovely to send to him.

      • reply Tammy Durham ,

        Thank you so much Cynthia. What an honor for me to be featured on your site. You are truly a pioneer for Polymer clay artist the world over.
        Thanks Jeannie and Beverlyjane.

        • reply Debby Roberts ,

          These works made me smile (big, open smiling). Love the colors! The details are so very cool!

          • reply Gera Scott Chandler ,

            WOW! Loving this- makes me want to get back to some figurative stuff!!!!

            too much inspiration- toooo little time.


            • reply Space girl polymer | Polymer Clay Daily ,

              […] PCD was happy to rediscover Tammy Durham, a polymer illustrator who now lives in Fort Collins, CO. (We last saw her in 2010.) […]

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