Heggland’s bead dreams winner

Heggland's tropical flower polymer necklace

Norway’s Mila Heggland won second place in the recent Bead Dreams contest for her exotic polymer sea slugs.

Mila’s flair for organic shapes is repeated in many of her pieces inspired by flora and fauna. See the references in the tropical flowers necklace shown here and this berries pendant. She likes lush plants that almost drip with color.

Here’s her Flickr gallery and her blog (in Russian).

  • reply Jeannie ,

    What a beautifully, colorful imagination. THe detail is astounding

    • reply Michelle Stancil (MRS) ,

      I know you have heard it a million times by now, but I just wish I could hold one of your pieces for just a bit… They really are AWESOME! More power to ya! Keep on clayin’


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