Eat, Polymer, Love

Polymer beads that could be dismissed as hippie beads become ethnic treasures when they’re masterfully strung by Thailand’s Aow Dusdee.

Aow’s world travels have given her a keen eye for ethnic traditions. She combines fiber and polymer with metal and stone beads to create modern tribal pieces.

Photos of her living spaces show how she incorporates polymer in her distinctive decor. It’s all so Eat, Pray, Love, isn’t it?

  • reply Ponsawan Sila ,

    Thanks Cynthia, it is nice to see another Thai PC Artist here, she even lives in the town that I was born 🙂

    • reply Peg Harper ,

      Uh… Aow’s living space….wow.
      Thank you for my daily dose of inspiration, Cynthia!

      • reply Barbara sosna ,

        Or eat, clay, love?

        • reply Cynthia Tinapple ,

          Barbara – Why didn’t I think of that? LOL Thanks


        • reply Lily's Treasures ,

          That’s one really nice necklace, with much style. Thank you to bring it to us and let us know that artist.

          • reply Aow Dusdee ,

            ~Thank you so much,Cynthia & thank you everyone <3 ~

            • reply Alexandra ,

              Wow–I felt as if I’d had a whole meal after looking at all the colors and patterns of the wonderful beads and home embellishments she creates! Is there somewhere we can buy her beads? Thanks for the great feature. :):):)

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