Plotted designs

Nicole (NiQui) takes a careful, planned approach to her polymer jewelry which looks appealing as we start a new week. Influenced by her background in interior design, this Belgian artist plots out her modern accessories.

Her Flickr site is loaded with cleanly designed and rendered pieces. The wire and polymer “Beech Nut” necklace shown here was her response to the Dutch Polymerclay Forum’s fall challenge.

I admire her calm methods especially in this frenzied season.

Askin blogs

Gloria Askin tacked a blog onto her site and I just discovered it. Her attitude about color is infectious. “My love of color is best expressed in the Yoruba belief that the more colors you wear (or, I believe, use in art), the more positive energy you are putting into the universe,” she explains.

She forms cupped polymer disks edged with contrasting colors and gathers them into vibrant and playful accessories that are bursting with positive energy. Gloria has a most appropriate Facebook profile picture!

Have a colorful weekend!

Rustic polymer

Mai McKemy’s polymer accessories keep her true to her Woodland Belle name. She makes tiny succulents, terrariums and branches that become rings, pendants and hair pins.

She mixes sophistication with a rustic aesthetic that has fashion appeal. Her work has appeared in Real Simple, Teen Vogue and Glamour Weddings magazines.

Read more about Mai in an interview at this link and see her galleries at Etsy and BigCartel. Thanks to Susan Lomuto (DailyArtMuse) for the link.

Retro bling

The retro bling from PurpleCactus isn’t in traditional holiday colors but their polymer baubles suggest a cheery approach to the season. North Carolina’s Amber Edison and Laurence Abensour have teamed up to produce a line of small pendants and rings that really hit the spot.

Is the texture on this bicone bead a new trick or an optical illusion? Whatever…I find myself mesmerized.

Here’s an earlier PCD post on the duo and links to their Etsy and Flickr sites.