Speechless polymer

Claire Wallis invites the wearers of her polymer brooch to fill in the empty bubble and make their own statement with her quote brooch. “Grab a pen and express yourself,” she says.

Her matching earrings whisper sweet nothings.

We last looked at this UK artist’s faux knitting. “My work generally leans towards simple colours and sculptural shapes and with the exception of striped, stacked canes I hadn’t tried anything more adventurous. This was my first attempt at a ‘proper’ cane,” says Claire.

What would you like to say to yourself this week?

  • reply Anita Brandon ,

    What a well executed and FUN piece! Very intriguing concept. I wonder if one could use a wax pencil or or some kind or erasable marker so that the message could be changed according to the prevailing mood of the day.

    • reply Suzanne Del Rizzo ,

      Love it! Very pop art and retro!I loved your post on Claire’s faux knitting so much that I tried my hand at it myself but in my fav medium of choice -plasticine. I made a faux knit sweater in my snow angel illustration for my portfolio. Great inspiration as always Cynthia 🙂

      • reply sera ,

        Oh yeah! Definitely need to use a marker that you can wipe off to change the message each day 🙂 What a wonderful idea.

        • reply Claire Wallis ,

          thank you for featuring my work. this really made my day!
          you can use your average pencil (or coloured pencil) to scribble on these. an eraser allows you to change your mind!
          white board markers also work well if you can find one with a small enough nib.

          • reply Sandra Grudzen ,

            Loved the “knitting”. I thought she had baked the clay strands and really knitted them…I understand that can be done too.

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