Kato’s new mission

Donna Kato posted these New Mission pieces yesterday to great acclaim on her Facebook page. One comment called them “…stunning and vaguely mystical.”

Donna admits that these designs were based on 10-year-old prototypes that she’d forgotten about until someone saw them in the background of a photo and inquired. Now she’s wondering what else she forgot about that she can resurrect! It’s always fun to see what Donna’s up to here and here.

  • reply Sylvia ,

    That woman is so talented it’s terrifying. Her trademark techniques presented in a totally new way, with some completely new colour schemes. And she’s lovely too! SO looking forward to her visit to the UK in October.

    • reply Adriana Ayala (ClayCatShop) ,

      Donna is so talented! Her work is inspiring, clean and what we have come to identify as very “Kato” 😉 These pieces are some of my favorites! Love the harmonious rythm that delights the eye as well as the color combination, strong and fun at the same time.

      • reply Donna Kato ,

        Thanks, guys! If you’re at all like me, maybe you should look into that bin of forgotten work! And, thanks so much, Cynthia!

        • reply RebeccaTRose ,

          I love your work, Donna! If I were to dig out my old stuff, it would all be stuff that was definitely inspired by you. So I can’t really show or take credit for any of it from back when. Everything would have to have a tag that says Kato Inspired…maybe I will just make that my new signature! LOL…Thanks for digging, would love to see more…I have learned so much from you and your publications, and back in the days of Carol’s show. You are such a gem. Hope your horses are all well…love THEM, too! Thanks for sharing someone so familiar and recognizable, regardless of what she does. I can always spot a Kato, no matter what the style…something about her eye for color combos that I would never have thought would work. Can you tell I am a fan of her’s?? Thanks again, Cynthia, love your blog, by the way.

          • reply Varda levram-Ellisman ,

            The balance of shape and color is what separate the armatures from the artists.
            Love you and your work

            • reply MOMENToCOMPLEMENTo ,

              Donna Kato is magnific!!!
              your works always are surprising, although it is rescued of the past!! jeje^^

              • reply Cynthia Becker ,

                Donna, with state fair time here in Colorado these beautiful pieces make me think of bull riding. If I wore one to the fair I would be stopped every 10 paces by people wanting to know where they could buy one. I look forward to seeing what else you do with resurrected pieces Donna.

                • reply Joan Ahern ,

                  Love the pieces. Wish I had some old work to look at that looked that good. Love the colors, shapes… Really inspiring!

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