Montreal’s Vickie Turner makes Urban Urchins that are hollow and graffiti-covered whereas Lynda Moseley’s from last week were the green sea variety. What is it with urchins?

Vickie’s polymer sea creatures have migrated to the city. Her blog tracks her plans and sketches and you can follow her journey from the beach to the city. She’s still playing with the shape.

It’s instructive to look over her shoulder as an artist mulls over work in progress. Watch as she labors on Labor Day.

I’m off to an art fair.

  • reply TonkArt studio ,

    This necklace is really urban jungle! I like it a lot! It’s so native and so naturalistic.
    Thank you

    • reply Marian Hertzog ,

      I like her work. I really like her philosphy of leaving the artist’s mark. I rarely make earrings because I can never get two exact pieces… I need to rethink that! As she said if a machine could spit out 10,000 it wouldn’t be art now would it! Have fun at the art fair. It is that time of the year!

      • reply Sandy ,

        I love it. I am blown away by Vickie’s sense of design and am very happy to see her sharing this process as it’s one of the things I find really difficult (and probably why I don’t do a whole lot of jewelry…).

        Thank you Vickie and Cynthia for sharing with us!

        • reply Selma ,

          Wow! So so so Wonderful !!!

          • reply K M Blair ,

            Hi- am new to polymer,but old to OH. I was born in Columbus,and one of my oldest pals is Judy Skeel,of Skeelhaven. Wonderful artist! And a really teriffic person. I haven’t extruded much,but if I got one those gizmos I might! Thanks for the tip.

            • reply Lynda ,

              ARE WORTH A CLASS.

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