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big bowl 1

Svenja Lohse knows how to impress us with size! Those repeating patterns in her Obstschale Mexiko (Mexican Fruitbowl) and Obstschale Strudel (Fruitbowl Swirl) have put me in a Tuesday trance. They’re like meditative mandalas. The canes! The work!

Svenja lives in northern Germany and is a member of the German group. Go kick around on Svenja’s sites. Bettina Welker sent in the link.

  • reply Selma ,

    Oh my God! Absolutely amazing!

    • reply Lynn Lunger/UnaOdd ,

      Wow! Gorgeous patterns and color… the scale just makes it all the more wonderful! Beautiful work.

      • reply Dolly Madison Designs ,

        *gasps* Oh my! It’s almost an optical illusion–stare at it too long and the circles will move. 😀 How remarkable! I can’t imagine making something like that–millefiori and I don’t get along. I’m glad I don’t need it for my buttons! 😀


        • reply jana ,

          wow! so beautiful and mezmerizing. I’m noting, Cynthia, how many new and fresh polymer art works you’ve been serving up to us…such fun! Thanks for the effort you put into keeping us abreast of all things new in the polymer world..

          • reply Lydia ,

            Hello Svenja
            Felicitation to the wonderful bowls. A patience work this decoration with the color-splendid Canes. Great that it was shown today at PCD, I have admired them already on Flickr, but here still much more people can see your great fruit bowls.

            • reply Sandra D. ,

              The canes work on the Mexican bowl is incredible beautiful !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

              • reply Silvia ,


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