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Cornelia Brockstedt’s Morning Dew bracelet recalls the dew shimmering on spring moss. Her polymer clay and silver creation is part of a recent garden-themed series that includes City Garden, Shelter and Street Life and shows vegetation thriving unexpectedly in earrings and brooches.

Conny was trained as a goldsmith and has worked as a designer for years. Polymer allows her to combine her talents. “As much as I love black and white, I love all shades of green – and dots,” she says.

She likes to look at her subjects intensely and is fascinated by repeating forms. You begin to understand how her mind works as you flip through her Flickr photos and you will see why polymer fits her vision perfectly. Thanks to Donna Kato for the link.

  • reply Nikolina Otržan ,

    I absolutely looove Conny’s work! Thank you for sharing 😉

    • reply Jenna ,

      It’s great to see her featured! I was excited to see this bracelet in my Flickr feed the other day, it’s a lovely piece of art.

      • reply Maria Petkova ,

        I`m a fan of Conny`s works especially of this hers series!It remind me to look around and seek for the small green life in the big city.And its strength to overcomes the asphalt.Thank you for sharing,Cynthia!

        • reply PiperPixieDesigns ,

          Wearable garden! Yes! That’s so imaginative;) Take a little piece of nature with you everywhere you go!

          • reply Conny ,

            Cynthia, thank you so much for your post and thanks to Donna for the link, too! Many thanks to all of you who follow my work in any way – it feels so good to get such support!

            • reply Randee M Ketzel ,

              SQUEEEEE!!!!! Jet’adore! Me encanta! I love this!

              • reply Randee M Ketzel ,

                I have to add that I am ALMOST grateful for the fact that I can’t purchase her werk–I wouldn’t know how to choose. But Conny, set up a sale site and I’ll do my best!

                • reply Olga ,

                  Oh my God! This is insanely beautiful! Greens through the asphalt, the desire to live!

                  • reply Fruitensse ,

                    Beautiful, it evokes me nature’s ability of regeneration. Its looks like young grass growing out of asphalt.

                    • reply Sandra D. ,

                      I like to see jewelry that represent nature.

                      • reply Kay Pittelkow ,

                        Inspirational! I always wanted to make small sculptural shapes and have vegetation growing in them – maybe edible. I was going to sculpt them out of Hebel but polymer would be much easier. For my permaculture friends with city balconies!

                        Something disturbing about things growing out of jewellery. Makes you re-visit your assumptions. Kay

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