Kassel on PCDaily.com

Illustrator Doreen Kassel’s usually squat, rotund polymer characters (made over glass ornaments) are sprouting skinny necks and spindly legs as she gets ready for for a busy schedule (scroll down her home page to see the dates).

Kassel on PCDaily

These sculpted and painted Blended Beasts will make their class debut next year. Her preparations for teaching have unleashed a flurry of creature (plus totems and shrines) that must have been brewing in her brain.

Flickr’s new big format pictures makes Doreen’s animals brighter and more boldly bizarre. Go have a look on her blog, on Etsy, on Facebook – they’re everywhere! And she’s won another Niche Award this year!

  • reply Loretta ,

    you’re right about the Flickr feed, Cynthia. It shows how Doreen’s work has developed over the past few years. It’s no wonder she’s in such high demand!!! Way to go D!
    love love love

    • reply PiperPixie ,

      OH! This would be such a fun class to take! If you’re in the neighborhood you should definitely sign up, make the rest of us that can’t soooo jealous;)

      • reply doreen kassel ,

        Thank you for the wonderful post Cynthia! And to you Loretta & Piper!!

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