Two-headed polymer

Pennington and Breil on PCDaily

Canada’s Helen Breil can fold, fan, shape and stamp polymer like a champ. Her two ebooks explain how to make beautiful undulating shapes and she’ll be demoing her methods at the IPCA Retreat in Columbus. Helen knows her geometry and is able to fold simple flat cutouts into surprisingly elegant forms.

Collaborating with Annie Pennington for this piece gives Helen’s folded designs an even richer and more complex dimension. Annie, an Associate Editor at Art Jewelry magazine, works in felt and metal along with polymer. Her brooches were IPCA Award winners this year.

Helen sent Annie the blue overlapping folded forms. Annie added the copper setting, the felt center and the round accents proving again that two heads are better than one.

  • reply Helen Breil ,

    Thanks for sharing this with everyone Cynthia. It was great fun working on this special piece with Annie.

    • reply Sherry Bailey ,

      Gorgeous! Really special!

      • reply Marlene Brady ,

        The folding reminds me of iris-folding. An amazing piece. It has everything I loveā€¦.texture, texture and texture.

        • reply Annie Pennington ,

          Thanks for sharing our piece, Cynthia! It was a fun piece to make, and I look forward to meeting Helen (and you!) in person someday.

          • reply Carol Simmons ,

            Beautiful Annie and Helen. I love the different textures of the 3 materials. I wish I could touch it.

            • reply Loretta ,

              You guys are the bomb!!!!

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