Polymer garden on a bottle

Carman on PCDaily

Florida’s Pamela Carman covers an 18″ tall vase with a garden of polymer flowers. She upcycles the container by applying a base layer of solid-color polymer that she textures. Over that she adds slices of canes (she must have a large stash) letting the blue background show through and unify the design.

Containers, vessels, ceramic fish and animals call to Pamela and you can see the hundreds of objects she’s rescued by covering them with updated colors and her own vision. You’ll find them all on Flickr and HiveMind plus Pinterest.

  • reply Rickie Leiter ,

    Magnificent cane work! Pam’s creativity is such an inspiration!

  • reply Sherri Kellberg ,

    Congrats Pamela! Gorgeous work!

  • reply Laura Lang ,

    What a beautiful piece! Congratulations Pam! Your stash of canes must be amazing.

  • reply SandrA ,


    • reply joanne meller ,

      I share Pam’s passion for covering vases and other objects. It’s “upcycling” at it’s best!

      • reply Sue Duffy ,

        Way to go Pam! Pssst… I’ve seen some of Pam’s cane stash and I can tell you that she has lots of AMAZING canes that she’s made! Beautiful work!

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