Stretching polymer


Australia’s Sabine Speisser (papagodesign) is pleased with how her online class with Christine Dumont and Donna Greenberg propelled her polymer work forward.

This 7″x 9″ vessel, a Microcosm of Micro-organisms, was created in Voila’s Creative Design Series. Sabine’s dense patterns quiver with energy and life force.

“Guided outside influence and critique opens us up to many more possibilities beyond one’s comfort zone,” says Sabine. Read more of her comments on Facebook and follow her on Flickr.

Ready to stretch your boundaries?


  • reply Sabine Spiesser ,

    Thank you Cynthia for showing my new creation and your kind words. xo

    • reply Christine Dumont ,

      Thanks Cynthia for mentioning the Voila! Creative Design Series. It’s so heartening to see our participants’ hard work being recognised! The particular topic we are adressing in the class is movement and your words “dense patterns quiver with energy and life force” are just music to my ears!

      • reply ilse ,

        wauw! this must have been a lot of work! But it looks great!

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