Mix and match scrap

Seattle’s Susan Hyde’s Madonnas (7″ x 3″) aren’t technically from scrap but her textiles are stunningly vibrant and she reconfigures her canes in a variety of ways to extend their usefulness. She mixes and matches endlessly and drapes slices of her fabrics so that they become ethnic dress on this compelling symbol of motherhood.

Her method is a variation on a theme that Kathy Amt taught us years ago and in Susan’s hands, it still looks fresh and contemporary.

Susan’s online presence is on Facebook and her site. She was scheduled to demo her skills at Collective Visions Gallery next weekend but was sidelined with a broken arm this week. Get well fast wishes to Susan.

  • reply LaLa Ortiz ,

    I have always admired her work and these angels. The fabric is so realistic. They are really well done! I’m so sorry to hear about your injury, Susan! :'( I hope you heal up quickly and completely!

    • reply Susan Hyde ,

      Thanks Cynthia (and LaLa). I was on a roll lately, but at least I can still type. No need for surgery, whew!

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