Gael Keyes goes a little cuckoo with outrageous birds on

New Mexico’s Gael Keyes (@keyesgael) focused on bugs at last year’s Clayathon. This year she’s added outrageous fish and birds to her repertoire of wildlife.

Gael Keyes goes a little cuckoo with outrageous birds on

Gael developed her own cane style that she pattern-matches in the Natasha bead way (here’s a quick tutorial) to create feathers, fins, and wings.

During the holidays she turns to her own brands of angels that you can see on Facebook.

  • reply Pam hunter ,

    These are lovely

    • reply Jane Olson-Phillips ,

      Good luck with your recovery. I took classes with you years ago.

      • reply gael keyes ,

        This cane tutorial is not at all the cane I make to find these pattern-matches. I have learned to use more refined materials and control the cane rather than just scrunching up old bits and pieces and twisting many times. I just didn’t want folks to get frustrated thinking I was using this method. Thanks for sharing my birds. I had fun sharing them at the Clayathon this year. We missed you, Cynthia, but you are doing important work taking care of folks.

        • reply Linda ,

          Beautiful work! Could you tell me what you use to draw black lines? Perfect distinct work. Thanks. Do you bake before or after adding lines. Linda

          • reply gael keyes ,

            I indented a small crevice line with etch and pearl tool and then filled in with very small extruded thin black tubular line of black clay. Hope this helps.

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