Captivated by moths

Daria Telegina makes the most of moths on

Russia’s Daria Telegina (Balambeshka on IG) is smitten with moths.

Her Facebook and Instagram are filled with these exotic creatures which she refers to as cute things.

Each one is more complex than the last with exquisite details on their polymer wings, cane-slice antennae, and minutely textured bodies.

Don’t you wonder how she became fixated on moths? What do you feel compelled to make and why?

  • reply Beverly Chesterby ,

    Daria’s extraordinary talent, amazing work-ethic, and beautiful heart are apparent in every piece that she makes. It lifted my spirit to see her work here today. (…and she’s beautiful! How is THAT fair?!?!?)

    • reply KRISTI A HECKMAN ,

      I came across her work a couple of weeks ago and made an inspiration file in her name specific. Very few artists have their own file for inspiration. I fell in love with the translucent wings and the detail she adds to them. Some look like fabric is used for the fur on the bodies of the moths. She is also very generous to share her WIPs.

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