Sabine Speisser's scrap brings her history to this leaf brooch on

Australia’s Sabine Spiesser mixes hot color combinations that make visual vibrations on this 3-layer leaf brooch.

Posting in response to one of those 10-day challenges on Facebook, Sabine didn’t add any explanation. The requirement is only that the art is somehow significant to the artist. Viewers can draw their own conclusions.

The mosaic appearance comes from layered scrap. When you use scrap, you bring to a project the color selections and design decisions from your past. Your way of working, your history is embedded and gives the new piece an extra richness.

The three offset layers ripple pleasantly against each other.

  • reply Sabine Spiesser ,

    Thank you so much for featuring my brooch. I truly appreciate it Cynthia. I created it originally for Lindley Haunani’s leaf project along with a few other designs. I love that it is thin and light, gaining strength from the layers.

    • reply Laurie Mika ,

      This brooch is so beautiful…..I love the Klimt-like luminosity and of course, the mosaic aspect in this little beauty….thanks for sharing!

      • reply Wendy Moore ,

        Sabine does such fabulous, creative work. So lovely to see some of it showcased here!

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