Emerging polymer

Melanie West is on a roll too! She’s added two vessels along with three new textured necklaces in a series she’s calling Beautiful Uglies.  Note the clever use of small rubber O-rings as spacer beads.

Melanie moves between heavy texturing on her new beads to a cane-slice encrusted 6″ tall vessel in her signature style. She’s calling this vase NudiFlounder.

If she tires of one style, she can move to the other. Smart! Melanie was working toward these new series when we played together in the spring. What a gift to see them emerge.

Polymer shoe-in

Jacqueline Cherie has retrieved her studio from storage and unpacked all the molds she researched and collected.

You’ve probably run across images in books like these that feature her polymer pieces which were meticulously rendered and based on antiquities, pre-Columbian images and Asian icons.

This polymer encrusted shoe, created for a contest several years ago, still stuns. Here’s a box and a small container from her collection.

Welcome Jacqueline back after her three-year breather and expect to see photos of her new works posted soon.

Krispil vases

Mira (Pinki) Krispil began working with polymer in 2005 after operations on her hands. She went on to not only rehabilitate her hands but also to head up the Israeli Polymer Clay Guild. It’s not surprising that her sculptures and vases are imbued with joy, optimism, mischieviousness and humor. Here’s her Etsy gallery.

Polymer pie

Start your week with a big helping of polymer pie from Madrid’s Fabi. She heaps up nine polymer clay decorative bowls in graduated sizes. The shaping, carving and painting of white polymer makes these into a most appetizing pile of saucers that stack up into a lovely sculpture.

You can see Fabi’s progress from white to color on her site. She’ll be offering this class in her studio. Rebecca Watkins pointed us to the link.

Stroppel cane examples

The Stroppel cane has traveled around quickly after Friday’s post. See two examples that popped up on the weekend from Randee Ketzel in Texas and Elsie Smith (Sweet2Spicy) in Vancouver.

Treehouse polymer

A brand new site from Maryland’s Mari O’Dell fills in nicely while the Colorado network taunts us with an intermittent signal.

Mari extrudes polymer with an Asian influence to create a great selection of jewelry, treasure boxes and beloved bowls. After 30 years as a public school teacher and travels around the world, she’s settled into teaching and creating with polymer in her treehouse studio.

The quote that guides her is, “To the wise, life is a festival.”

Do a happy dance for this terrific polymer artist who joins the online community.

Paper and polymer

These paper and polymer vessels from Madrid’s Fabi may bring a smile to your Monday. The quirky finishing touches are polymer shapes with a Dr. Seuss feel.

The pots themselves are made from “serpentinas”, paper strips wound into a tight coil and pushed into shape. Even if your Spanish isn’t strong, you’ll catch how they’re made on this YouTube video. (Paper streamers may be common in some places or quilling strips would work.)

Once Fabi got started she couldn’t resist adding polymer finials and making ornaments and earrings and other trinkets.

Fabi’s interests are wide-ranging as we’ve seen in earlier posts. Look at her Flickr page and her blog to see what she’s been up to.

Friesen’s TP trick

The armature for Christi Friesen’s latest wrap vessels may make you smile. She uses a ball of wet toilet paper!

Christi reveals that, “The technique is simply to take some toilet paper, get it wet, wad it into a ball and wring out the excess water. Wrap the clay around the ball and sculpt! The paper provides firmness to work against so you’re not poking through the vessel when you try to add details. Once the vessel is baked, just submerge the pot in water until the toilet paper gets all dissolvey. Then pull it out. It’s fun.”

Her new vessels will be in the next issue of American Style magazine and her annual eBay sale is happening this week.

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