The polymer olympics

Circle pins from Olympic experimenter Nikolina Otrzan on

A few more circles and Croatia’s Nikolina Otrzan (Orson’s world) could be building her own polymer Olympic logo with her Texture Play series of circle pins!

Let’s hope she’s building a tutorial to show us how she achieves the painterly textures and loose patterns.

Nik is certainly in the Polymer Olympics when it comes to pushing the boundaries. She’s created 26 rich, dense tutorials, each with an AHA moment that comes from ceaseless playing around. Keep a close eye on her on Facebook.

Bio Bopping polymer

Bonnie Bishoff's multi-media bio bop in Boston on

The Bonnie Bishoff Bio Bop brooch is quite a mouthful for mid-week. This polymer, copper, paint and steel wire mixed media pin is on its way to CraftBoston for one last holiday hurrah. While they look light and airy, Bonnie’s pieces are built on metal which makes them incredibly solid.

Betsey Baker and Kathleen Dustin will also have their wares in Boston on December 15-17. You can watch Betsey, Kathleen and Bonnie pack up and run to the show on Facebook and Instagram. These ladies work hard!

Polymer blooms

Lehmann on PCDaily

Yes, yes, Germany’s Jana Lehmann knows just what we need for Monday. Her flowerpot pins bloom with bright graphic flowers springing out of textured cone shaped Skinner-blended pots.

Each flower contains a contrasting “seed” bead and is topped with dots of polymer. Jana says she prefers flowers in pots because they last longer than cut flowers in vases.

Lehmann on PCDaily

Jana stepped away from her precise style and used only very basic tools to create these monsters for a Fimo kids book she’s writing. See the whole range of her work on Pinterest, Flickr and Facebook.

Polymer and knits

Bonnie Bishoff on PCDaily

Bonnie Bishoff, long known for large polymer inlays in the wood furniture she and her husband JM Syron produce, has been adding more jewelry and a line of shawl pins to her repertoire. The shawl pins were originally requested by Bonnie’s mother-in-law, fiber artist Barbara Jones. They’ve grown into a new line being sold in knitting stores across the U.S., Canada and the UK. The polymer is set into bezels that Bonnie designed with sturdy, clever closures.

Enjoy a browse through other recent additions like these Circle Brooches which she treats like small canvases that alude to life on the northeast coast. She’s also expanded to Facebook here.

Korringa’s canes

Kim Korringa's flower pin 2
Kim Korringa's flower pin 1
Kim Korringa's flower pin3

Kim Korringa’s pins give me more caning ideas here at the conference. The shaped edges and slice combinations take my thinking in a new direction.

Kim Korringa's necklace parts

I found Kim quietly stockpiling components for a necklace series. Mindless production work is her way of accomplishing something in the midst of creative overstimulation.

Her collection of polymer pearlized, ruffled disks and balls made a beautiful collage.

Ford/Forlano add blog

Ford/Forlano hole punch polymer pin

The Ford/Forlano duo have added a blog to their newly renovated website just in time for their Synergy presentation and the opening of their show at Snyderman-Works Galleries in Philadelphia.

The show features the new jewelry and print/painting collaborations of the Steven Ford and David Forlano who carry on a back and forth dialog between Santa Fe and Philadelphia.

Ford/Forlano Calder-inspired polymer pin

Steve says that he’s, “…excited about what’s happening with our print/painting collaborations. And some of that imagery is coming back into the clay work as well.” Read the story of how the new line of pins began with a mistake.

And leave them a comment to welcome them to blogland.

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