Frame’s organics

Colorado’s Jan Frame used to have a day job as a researcher and organizer so she makes the perfect tablemate at polymer clay workshops. This was her recent project as she ventured into organic, flowing shapes.

She’s methodical in her process and unafraid of questions along the way. Together we wandered into our unknown artistic territories, got lost, made mistakes, and found our way again. Here’s her result. I’ll show you mine next week. Have an adventurous weekend.

Laska’s green studio

The pictures of Marcia Laska’s West Virgina studio are stuck in my head. Even though it’s still under construction, her three-level creative retreat looks dreamy to me. Marcia has a companion web site also under construction with just a few pictures in her gallery.

She says of the location, “We’re miles from the nearest neighbor or tarred road. We generate all our own power, mostly from solar and wind generators, and we communicate with the outside world through a satellite downlink.” Solitude, self-sufficiency and an internet connection! Heaven.

Marcia’s first love is fiber and she began using polymer clay as accents for her hand-dyed and knitted scarves. She’s also the Recording Secretary for the National Polymer Clay Guild. Now maybe I can get back to work and stop daydreaming about spring in West Virginia.

Polish sites feature polymer and more

The link to Jan Suchodolski’s flickr site is a major inspiration and a time sucker. I went there because Tserenbadam Enkhtsetseg (Enkhe) wrote that Elise Winter’s polymer clay work was featured on this Polish blog about contemporary jewelry.

I found Elise and Ford/Forlano and was stunned by the wealth of visual inspiration on the Zero925 and Panie Przodem sites. If you’re in need of a mid-week jolt to your creative batteries, click on any of these links.

O’Dell extrudes

Mari O’Dell extrudes icons in polymer clay that she uses to embellish her pieces. Thinly sliced butterflies hover above a box, flowers sprout from a lid. The trick is integrating the extruded slices into the design and she does that well. This peek at her recent class work area gives you some idea of how she assembles her creations.

Mari has produced several videos on her techniques through the Polymer Clay Express and she puts their extruder through its paces.

My vacation filled me up with ideas and plans and refreshed my spirits. Happy Monday.

laptop died

Thanks for your concern and for the day off. The computer’s backed up and part of me welcomes this “forced upgrade”. I tried to post from my I-touch but typing was slow and it kept erasing my words. (Thanks to Sue Gentry for the loaner computer.)

I’ll have lots to share next week. Have a wonderful weekend.

Lehocky tops 6,000 hearts

You may remember Ron Lehocky’s polymer clay heart project and he reports that heart sales are over 6,000. His goal is 10,000.

But don’t think that Ron only creates heart-themed pins. He’s constantly experimenting and making new series of designs like this pendant inspired by a color class with Lindly Haunani. The flower design here is a masterful example of using alcohol inks in layers.

Creating 6,000 pins has given Ron loads of experience in many techniques while raising money for the Cerebral Palsy KIDS Center. Ron does not sell the hearts over the internet since there are no specific patterns to choose from. If you are willing to let him choose a pattern for you, contact Ron at

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