Rediscovering Russell and Pavelka

I stumbled on Lisa Pavelka’s spiffy new site as I was looking for the lowdown on the second Cabin Fever Fest (looks like it was a smash). Lisa’s site showcases her growing line of polymer clay tools and products.

I also rediscovered Kelly Russell ( Kelly’s first love is precious metal clay and I’d overlooked her dazzling polymer clay work which has been included in many books and magazines.

Start your week with their colorful inspirations and the latest tools and techniques.

Kato and Eakes – Polymer clay music

“A little of this and a little of that,” is how Donna Kato describes her gallery of polymer clay work. Recently she added these music pieces. They were titled that by her mother who said simply, “They look like music.”

The making of a president

You must go and see Julie Eakes’ Obama cane. His poster begged to be translated into polymer and Julie did it beautifully. (Here’s an earlier post about Julie.)

Have a harmonious weekend.

Feldman’s Iphones

One more thing…as long as we’re examining canes, take a look at Barb Feldman’s Iphone polymer clay cane earrings which were featured in a CNET post. The editors don’t know whether to love or hate them but they sure are intrigued and the link to her Etsy site is an online merchant’s dream.

Travels with polymer clay

I’m in travel mode and gravitated to this polymer clay postcard from Dayle Doroshow. I’ll be hanging out with her and if anyone can wake up my muse and kick-start my mojo, it’s Dayle. Go visit her site and you’ll see what I mean.

For more travel vibes, go to Tory Hughes site. Navigation, travel, and stamps figure prominently in many of her works. With any luck, we’ll run into her while we’re on vacation too.

Weltman’s new book

Ronna Weltman’s polymer clay brooch called “Three-Ring Circus” seemed an appropriate feature today in the middle of our country’s craziness.

This crisp .pdf sneak peak at Ronna’s new book on polymer clay and wire is the perfect thing to distract your thoughts and brighten your day. Ancient Modern is coming out from Interweave Press in the spring.

“As much as I enjoy making art, I probably get more joy teaching and helping others find their voice in art and jewelry,” says Ronna. Check out her class schedule.

Portugese portraits

Ana Reimundo is a Portugese artist who has recently begun turning her portrait sketches into a series of polymer clay brooches called Deditos.

She combines basic shapes and bright colors into engaging portraits that convey an innocence and openness.

Enjoy her work on her site, fric_de_mentol, on Etsy and on Flickr. Thanks to Philadelphia guild president Sue Springer who brought the link to us.


Abrams’ pieces go larger

Pennsylvania’s Lauren Cole Abrams(LaBeana) has returned to polymer clay, making graphically inspired, larger necklaces and brooches. She also makes a line of resin purse handles and buckles using molds of her polymer clay designs.

She explains, "I start by honing my designs on paper, drawing ideas from a lifetime of work in graphic arts and painting. Then I bring them to life using polymer clay, a process I enjoy in itself. From there I make RTV molds of the originals and cast them in resins…tinting them with different colorants, dyes and metal powders. When the pieces are cured, I remove them, sand and polish them and do any hand painting, staining, buffing and finishing they require."

Vacation note: I love looking at what other artists are reading. Here are a couple that I found on friends’ desks.

  • The Gift – Creativity and the Artist in the Modern World by Lewis Hyde
  • The Artist’s Mentor by Ian Jackman

Hughes takes a new direction

Leave it to Victoria Hughes to take the whole magic bead/mokume/texture trend that we’ve been examining in a new direction. Her colors! Her shapes! This is not your grandmother’s brooch yet this one hints at something ancient.

Victoria has a page of new brooches on her web site. She’s also included her roster of east coast classes this spring including a debut of a promising new pietra dura (stone mosaics) technique.

The weekend simply got away from me! How can it possibly be Monday already?

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