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These photos from 2013’s most popular posts prove that PCD readers can’t resist a clever polymer trick. Each of the top 10 posts offered a shortcut or a tutorial that revealed ways to make polymer do more than you thought possible. Knit it, batik it, glaze it to make it look like ceramic or fabric or metal and more.

Whether they developed their methods by happy accident or through careful research, what polymer artists share on PCD represents years of dedication and a willingness to share. Thanks to these top 10 and to all of you who have generously contributed your works to the blog. Have fun reviewing these favorites:

  1. Off-center polymer
  2. Hollow bead trick
  3. Spring crop of tutorials
  4. What if polymer
  5. Free folded tutorial
  6. Unforgettable polymer
  7. Sample polymer
  8. Mokume gane knitting
  9. Tickling your cane brain
  10. Big faux
  • reply Karen Lee Price Luda ,

    What a terrific way to celebrate the closing of the year and beginning of a new one. These are wonderful to see again! Thanks to you, Cynthia, for all you do.

    • reply Sabine Spiesser ,

      Great choices!! Thank you for inspiring us throughout the year. Have a Happy New Year and lots of polymer joy. Only a few minutes for us in Australia until 2013 becomes history.

      • reply Natalja Ivankova ,

        Thank you! And happy new year, new ideas, new achievements, new beauties, new emotions and lots of fun!!!

        • reply Nikolina Otržan ,

          Dear Cynthia, thank you so much for all you do for our growing community! Have a great New Year! <3

          • reply Susan Leach ,

            I have one of those off center canes in my stash and I’ve used it several times. Fun!

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