Charming ladies

Sabo on PCDaily

There are secrets behind these lovely lady Nambi charms from Serbia’s Nevenka Sabo.

Nevenka tells all in her tutorials and she’s forming a support group for those who are hooked on her methods. The clean, simple portraits pack a punch. I don’t know her secrets. Paints, inks, markers?

See if you can figure out how she achieves her vibrant colors and clean designs by checking out her Instagram and Facebook. Go to her Etsy page for instructions if you get hooked. Have a warm, cozy weekend.

Polymer blooms

Lehmann on PCDaily

Yes, yes, Germany’s Jana Lehmann knows just what we need for Monday. Her flowerpot pins bloom with bright graphic flowers springing out of textured cone shaped Skinner-blended pots.

Each flower contains a contrasting “seed” bead and is topped with dots of polymer. Jana says she prefers flowers in pots because they last longer than cut flowers in vases.

Lehmann on PCDaily

Jana stepped away from her precise style and used only very basic tools to create these monsters for a Fimo kids book she’s writing. See the whole range of her work on Pinterest, Flickr and Facebook.

Polymer and coffee

Renata on PCDaily

Over a cup of coffee Slovenia’s Renata happened upon the inspiration for this graphic, eye-popping polymer necklace.

For her birthday Renata had requested a set of the Illy coffee mugs designed by Tobias Rehberger. Once she had the cups she felt compelled to make a companion polymer necklace. More pieces may follow.

You can see what Renata and her friends are teaching in their classes here and follow her on Flickr and on Facebook.

Entry submitted? Check!

Send your entry into IPCA’s 2014 Awards competition. No muss, no fuss…it’s all electronic. What are you waiting for? Click and go.

Retro paint

Thank goodness that Croatia’s Nikolina Otrzan revealed her painterly polymer methods in a free tutorial that she uploaded this week. Her process is hard to guess but easy once you see it done.

Nikolina starts with a crisp graphic style that she later softens and blends for a retro effect. Thanks for the tute!

Her Flickr site is full of other examples including this clever cat design. She likes to doodle on polymer.

Spring cleaning

Thanks to the eagle-eyed Facebook fans who let me know that the PCD posts weren’t appearing in FB. I replaced the dusty old 2007 plugin with a shiny new one. I guess we wore it out!

Polymer curves

The lovely curves of Jana Lehmann’s newest polymer pens are offset by crisp, quirky designs layered over sensuous Skinner blends.

Those shapely pen bases must only be available in Germany. They would certainly have been snapped up by polymer enthusiasts if they were available in the U.S. Does anyone have a source? 

Even Jana’s Easter eggs show off her graphic sensibility. She has a whole gallery just for pens and polymer objects on Flickr. Jana sets a high bar for design.

Polymer that’s not quite

Whenever the news I’m listening to gets complicated and worrisome, my eye gravitates to the most simple, straightforward polymer designs it can find. Unfussy design and bright color feel like an oasis in the desert, calm in a storm.

Australia’s Rachel Wightman presents the most basic polymer shapes in sizzling colors. Her work as a stylist on interior design magazines plays out in her minimalist choices.

The photos on her Etsy site are plain and effective, highlighting necklaces that might look childish in another setting. Even the names of her pieces, not quite round, not quite flat, etc., seem to take the pressure off.

The Oh Joy design site picked up her necklace and paired it with some very graphic Marimekko sheets at Crate and Barrel. Rachel’s easy not quite approach turns out to be spot on for today.

Haskova’s introduction

Eva Haskova’s site (EH Multidesign) pops with young colors and designs, simple lively patterns that exude confidence and a love of the medium.

This Czech Republic artist graduated from fine arts school and got her introduction to clay at the first Euro Clay Carnival. She now sells online and through her own website.

When UK class host/organizer Helen Cox signed Eva up for more classes, she sent the link to introduce her to you.

Welker’s new book

The eye candy in Bettina Welker’s new book is so engrossing that you’ll hardly notice that the text is in German. Fine jewelry including bracelets & accessories from Polymer Clay is Bettina’s first published work and she’s put her heart in it.

If you’re not familiar with her refined and appealing work, check out her Flickr pages for a sampling.


Kathi Gose is translating the project part of the book into English. A small printed leaflet of the translations will be included with the book.  The  Spanish version of the projects is ready and a French version is underway as well.

Mills’ new polymer/silver combinations

Libby Mills has redecorated her site and freshened her pictures with some great new work, including more silver and polymer combinations. The graphic feel of her polymer designs is mirrored in her treatment of the silver.

Each time you refresh her home page, you’ll be rewarded with a different photo. Like Pavlov’s dogs, I sit and click again and again for a treat. There are some new pieces on her Flickr page and a peek into friends’ studios as well. Have a treat-filled weekend.