Heart sampler

This sampling of hearts from your friends and online buddies was assembled for you PCD readers as a valentine.

You’ll also see Ron Lehocky’s collection of favorite hearts made in his project’s nearly 10-year history. His total has reached 29,600. Now that’s true love! You can purchase hearts and help the KidsCenter by emailing Ron or contacting him on Facebook.

In case you missed his how-to video, watch here as Ron and his hands tell the story.

A caption is incorrect! The third pair of earrings are Louise Smith’s (Swanwalk), not StaciLouise. Got my Smiths mixed.

Queen of Hearts polymer

Terlizzi on PCDaily

Virginia’s Melissa Terlizzi reminds us that Valentines Day is around the corner with her Queen of Hearts sculpture. Melissa set out to make something dark and creepy with Tim Burton edginess but ended up with a wide-eyed innocent.

“I decided to go with it, and completely lost myself in the project. Even the Queen of Hearts must have been sweet once, right? Before she had her heart broken a few times, and started lopping off people’s heads,” she explains. See Melissa’s sculptures on Flickr and Facebook. It’s time to start considering hearts of all varieties.

Cats, kids and 27,000 hearts

Lehocky on PCDaily

Cats, kids and hearts – this winning combination has vaulted Ron Lehocky over the 27,000 mark in his polymer project that benefits the Kids Center.

Ron’s efforts have been assisted by artists who send him their unused canes, teachers who gladly show him their tricks, and collaborators who use his hearts in their work.

Leslie Blackford showed Ron how to transfer images with water and use colored pencils to bring life to the eyes of these cats before the images were transferred.

Boatwright on PCDaily

Jimmie Boatwright purchased a heart at Creative Journey Studios and used it as the centerpiece of the beaded necklace shown here.

You may select hearts from Ron’s latest collection of pins made from upcycled donated canes. These will be on sale at the IPCA retreat in Columbus, Ohio this month. If you donated clay, your patterns could reappear on a heart that will help Ron to his next big number.

Micro polymer hearts

Newfoundland’s Melissa McCarthy brings us a tiny bit of love in her heart-backed micro dinosaur. Her polymer Stegosaurus is only 1.5 inches long.

If you felt overwhelmed by yesterday’s complex art, you may feel reassured to know that simple, small polymer art can make a big statement too.

Melissa’s tiny sculptures of pandas, penguins and lots of other small creatures have quite a following on Etsy. Her shop is closed temporarily but you can still see her sold items and you can follow her on Facebook.