Polymer squid and octopi

California’s Amy (aka SocietySedSo or BunnyXProductions) is taken with sea creatures and has created many jointed variations on this theme (including a zombie one and this gas-masked version) in many colors of polymer clay.

Her love of this species comes through in the color and detail she obviously enjoys adding to each tentacled necklace and squid pendant.

Amy’s in touch with her sunny side and makes graphic and flowery pendant designs as well.


Wynn blogs and stamps

I won’t tell you how much time I spent chasing links for this post. My new life is enticingly unstructured and the computer and the studio both call to me. Computer won today.

Was it fate that I’d run into Heather Wynn’s new blog, swoondimples, and her cautionary pendant pictured above? Heather turns a simple phrase and a bit of polymer clay into high art. Go knock around on her new blog and see her work on her etsy store and her site. Check out last Wednesday’s post and those stud earrings.

It’s fun to bump a new blogger’s numbers up. Be sure to leave comments.


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